It’s Autumn is your go-to place for fitness, health and a bit of style, motivation and inspiration. It’s your online resource to help and guide you on your journey to a fitter, healthier and body loving you. Just think of this space as your personal trainer mixed with your best friend. 


On the blog you can expect at least one post a week that will be aimed at inspiring, educating, motivating and encouraging you on your fitness and health journey. I’ll be sharing my favorites from workouts to fitness fashion.

I’ll also be updating you on my own fitness and health journey and of course my road to becoming a personal trainer. I’ll also be posting weekly videos on my Youtube channel, Facebook and Instagram that are fitness orientated. So be sure you’re following me on all platforms to get the most of It’s Autumn.


I believe… 

that fitness should be fun, it’s the only way to do it. 

that women should live a balanced life without restrictions and diets. 

that women should love their bodies and it’s only then when they can get the results they will be truly happy with. 

that body image or fitness shouldn't be a competition. 

that there isn't just one way to look or be fit, beauty and health come in all shapes and sizes. 

that food and fitness shouldn't come in the way of you living your life. 

that we should treat our bodies kindly, giving it food that nourishes us and keeps us well. 

that there is enough success to go around. 

that you’re enough and your passion, purpose and voice matters, someone needs to hear your story. 


HEY! I'm Autumn. 

I’ve always had a passion for health and fitness and I’ve also had my share of bumps and struggles with it was well.                                     

After years of bombarding myself with comparison, bouncing from diet to diet and obsessing over how slim I needed to be, I had an epiphany thanks to Iskra Lawrence. No I don't know her personally (it’s on my bucket list). But after seeing how beautiful and happy she was with her body, I finally realized that I was enough and my body deserved to be loved and properly taken care of. 

When I finally started to embrace my body for what it is and started to set goals that would nuture and sustain it, I realized that a ton of women still hadn't had that epiphany yet and it crushed me.

I’m a natural born helper and encourager which is why I decided to transition my blog from fashion to fitness. I want to help and encourage other women who haven't had their epiphany or “aha” moment when it comes to their bodies. 

I also want to encourage and motivate us all to live healthier and active lives no matter what level we’re at. Because our bodies are awesome people, amazingly awesome,  and we cant just neglect it and show it no love. That ain't cool. So I hope you’ll follow me on my journey and most importantly JOIN me on this journey. OUR journey.

 And yes, there’s going to be slip-ups along the way but we’re not striving for perfect here, we’re working every day towards balance and acceptance. You in? 


You probably wouldn't have guessed… 

  1. I have one sibling. His name is August. No joke.

  2. I'm a proud Bahamian-American. 
  3. If I had to do one exercise for the rest of my life it would be jump squats. 
  4. I'm often mistaken for an extrovert but I happily bounce between intro and extro. 
  5. I have to handwrite all of my blog post before I type them up. I'm kinda old school-ish. 
  6. I've been with my boyfriend for five years. I think I'll keep him. 
  7. I love watching soccer (Arsenal fan here) but I'm totally rubbish at playing. 
  8. When I was a teenager being a VS Angel was my #1 goal in life. I think I still have time. 
  9. I find filling up my car with gas on my own, all by myself, highly awkward and it makes me anxious. 
  10. I've lived in 3 states. Texas (home) California (school) Florida (still don't really know why I'm here). 
  11. I studied abroad at Oxford University for a semester and that was when I knew the UK would one day me my forever home. *fingers crossed* 
  12. I often get mistaken for an April. Do I look like an April to you?