The Perfect Fall Shades




GET THE LOOK || Sun Shades c/o Make Me Chic

It's finally fall, but I definitely doubt south Florida got the message or even cares. The sun is still super shiny, the flowers are still bloomin' and the humidity is still annoyingly thick. Normally, for people who live in places that actually get seasons, it's that time of year where you put your sunnies away and swap it for a scarf or cute beanie. Not for me. The sunnies are still out and as stylish as ever. Hence, my newest pair, that I absolutely love. 

These are from Make Me Chic and are a play on the classic Dior sunglasses, but hundreds of dollars cheaper. Can I get a 'hooray' for that?! I was immediately drawn to these because of their unusual shaped frame and two-toned lenses. And I'm a big fan of brow bar sunglasses. 

There are so many unique things going on with these sunnies that I had to try them out. There were three color options, and I was torn between the black and gold or the all black. Because I don't have an entirely black pair, I went with it. They really complete any outfit and just add an even more stylish element. And because of the lack of fall, and probably winter, here in Florida, I'm sure I'll be wearing these all season long. 

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