If I Could Only Wear 10 Pieces of Clothing

We only wear 20% of our closet. Crazy, right?! I know wardrobe capsules have been pretty popular lately and that stat is definitely a reason why. Out of all of the lovely stuff available to us in our own wardrobe, we can't help but continue to wear the same pieces over and over again. We're certainly creatures of habit. And I'm definitely guilty of choosing to wear the same pants every other day.

As much as I try to challenge myself to branch out and shop the 80% of my wardrobe, I can't help but gravitate towards my favorite go-to pieces. I'm sure we all have that shirt that's tempting to wear every day because it's so darn comfy, or those flats that are just so stylish and easy to slide into. We all have a couple of the same pieces that we could wear every day. Which is why I wanted to see what pieces, if I could only wear 10 pieces ever,  I would choose. It's basically like my would-be capsule. But I'm too indecisive to have a capsule, I need choices and options or I go crazy and get bored. BUT, if I had to choose a capsule or 10 pieces I could only wear, these would be them. And they were extremely easy to pick out because most of them are still lounging around my room. Because why hang up clothes like a sensible person when you're just gonna wear them every other day? Right?

  • Old Navy Black Skinny Jeans
  • H&M Basic Black T-Shirt
  • Target Nude Ballet flats
  • Forever 21 Military Green Bomber Jacket 
  • White Converse
  • Denim Jacket 
  • H&M Black Midi Skirt 
  • H&M Black Frayed High Waisted Jeans 
  • Old Navy White Basic T-Shirt 
  • Grey New Balance

As you can see, I'd basically be confused for a funeral attendee if I could only wear these. I can't help it, black just looks so darn good on me. And it goes with anything and everything. Not to mention that it slims my hips by 2 inches, and my friends, that is a God sent.

Let's Chat: What are 3 pieces of your wardrobe that you could wear every day?


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