Irresistibly Chic

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I'm not gonna lie, I'm totally feeling myself with these amazing hair extensions from Irresistible Me. When they reached out and asked if I was interested in trying them out, I was super hesitant. I had no idea how to put in extensions and I wasn't sure how I would look in them. I'm a short/medium length hair lover and I just prefer the easiness and chic-ness of those types of cuts. I'm also someone who doesn't like to take more than 10 mins doing my hair, so the shorter the better really. But I decided to try something new.

When I first got the extensions I was totally thrown back by how long they were. I definitely wasn't use to that type of length and my initial thought was that I was definitely going to cut them. But after I watched a ton of tutorials and read the instructions on the Irresistible Me website, I gave it go. Surprisingly, it only took me five minutes to clip all of them in. It was SUPER easy. I chose extensions from their Silky Touch line in 18 inches, 200g and light silky brown in color, just to try something different, and I must say that it was super longer than I thought, but after curling and styling the extensions, the length didn't bother me so much. I was also pleasantly surprised at how accurate the color was to my hair. It's matched perfectly! Blending it in was a breeze.

This was definitely a transformation, and I got a TON of compliments and questions about the new "do". Everyone was completely surprised that all of this only took 10 mins. I was totally surprised myself. Even the quality of the hair surprised me. It's so nice and soft and easy to brush and comb through. I'm more than excited to give these another go and play around with them more.

It's fun having different options to switch up my look, especially easy ones! So if you're looking to switch up your hair but want something easy to put in and easy to manage, then definitely check out Irresistible Me. It's seriously as easy and chic as it gets.

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