My Day as a Tennis Pro

This past weekend, my boyfriend Tim and I, got the chance to get a private tennis lesson from Play Your Court. It's possibly the most convenient way to play tennis ever. All you have to do is enter your zip code and they'll match you up with a coach near you and you can play at any court closest to you. It's ridiculously convenient and almost too good to be true. And to be honest, I wasn't expecting much. Maybe just a volley here and there and a quick little game. Well, this lesson was so much more than that. 

As soon as we hit the court our coach Hisham, who is AMAZING, told us that we were gonna start with a couple of warm-ups. And they weren't just random warm-ups, these were warm-ups the pros do. I definitely wasn't expecting it to be this serious and I was down for the challenge. After warming up, Hisham taught us some very important techniques.  

My day as a tennis professional 

Tennis isn't just about swinging the racquet and hitting the ball. It's so much more than that and requires FULL BODY technique. Which I wasn't expecting at all. We practiced the proper swinging techniques, volleys, front hand and back hand hits, serving, how to shuffle properly, throw the ball correctly and the right way to position your body. I will never think playing tennis is easy, EVER again. 

There's so much technique and detail that goes into having a great game. And Hisham was great at explaining to us how to do everything correctly and safely. He was all about respecting your body and your limits. He was an amazing coach and reveled in our little victories. 

It's safe to say that Tim and I left our lesson absolutely exhausted. We got a great workout and learned so much about playing tennis properly. It was such a great lesson! And of course, Hisham, our coach, made it worth our while. So if you're wanting to get a lesson in, Play Your Court is the way to go!  So start a new hobby this fall and sign up with Play Your Court, you won't regret it and you might actually be able to give Serena a run for her money one day. 

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