3 Ways I'm Revamping My Lifestyle

This month, I've been super focused on my fitness and health. I mentioned a bit of how I was doing that in my last post by cutting out almost every yummy delicious ingredient known to man. Long gone are the days where dairy, wheat, soy and sugar would happily leave together in my house. They've been replaced by gluten free everything, milk made from almonds or coconut, chocolate that's super bitter and one of my latest additions, kefir. To say that it was easy saying goodbye to ice cream, cream in my coffee, pasta and sweets would be a fat lie. It's been a challenge, and lucky for me, I like challenges. In addition to switching over to a healthier lifestyle I've also upped my workouts, and have been incorporating daily meditation and weekly yoga sessions.

And since spring is the season known for new beginnings and the dead of winter coming back to life, I thought I would apply that to my health and fitness. All with the help of Yoga Outlet of course. I was graciously given a gift card from Yoga Outlet to try out their yoga pants. It was so tough! They have so many amazing pairs of tights and pants to choose from. But I managed to pick three pairs that have become my favorites. They're extremely comfy, easy to workout in and not mention super stylish. It's so important for you to feel comfortable and confident with what you're wearing when you exercise. The more comfy you are the less distracted you'll be and the more you'll get from your workout. And with these yoga pants from Yoga Outlet, I'm definitely able to keep on track with my health and fitness goals. Especially these three that I'm going to be sharing. 

1. I've done a complete overhaul with my eating. Mainly because of my out of control hormonal acne. I've noticed that the foods I was eating were really wreaking havoc on my skin. As I said before, no more dairy, soy, wheat or sugar. The hardest part so far has been cutting out creamer from my coffee. But besides that, it's been pretty interesting. Especially finding equally delicious substitutes and new recipes and meals. I've also been chugging down a lot more water. I aim for two liters or more a day. I try to make it a little bit less bland by adding lemon or strawberries to it. It's delish, or as delicious as water could possibly get. 

2. I'm definitely a gym rat. It's where I go every day for my much-needed sweat sessions. All of my workouts and exercises happen at the gym or indoors. I'll be the first to admit that I don't take advantage of the beautiful Florida weather as much as I should. I mean, as much as I hate the heat and humidity, it's perfect for outside workouts. So I really want to start going outside for workouts or even just taking long walks around my neighborhood. There's just something about the fresh air and beautiful scenery that really gives me so much more energy and a better workout. 

3. I'm super determined to do weekly yoga sessions and daily meditating. So for this year I've been pretty good about it but I want to step it up a notch this spring. My goal is to get more flexible and balanced. I'm currently working on mastering crow pose, I'm almost there but I definitely need to work more on being centered in my core. And I'm really loving how mediation gets me focused and motivated for the day.  I try to aim to mediate at least three times a week in the morning for 10 minutes. So I really want to get more disciplined about doing it more and for longer periods of time. 

One of the most important ways that I plan on doing all of this is being confident with my goals and what I want to achieve, which is maintaining healthier eating habits and getting a super hot beach body. Well, at least, a more lean and toned one. And I know I can't do that unless I'm comfortable with what I'm wearing. These three amazingly comfortable and stylish workout and yoga pants from Yoga Outlet have definitely motivated me to keep up with these goals because they make me feel super confident and so stylish, that I actually look forward to continuing on this journey. 

Let's Chat: What are some of your health and fitness goals for the new season? I'd love to know! And if you liked any of these yoga pants,  make sure to check out Yoga Outlet for some more awesome styles.