Here Goes Something New

I'm a liar. Well, kind of. For the past two years, I've been neglecting to do something that's essential , not only in blogging but in life. I wasn't telling my story. I was just kinda drifting from topic to topic not really letting my readers in.  So now I've finally decided to start telling my story. Well, at least one that has had a huge influence on my life. 

I’m a natural born helper and encourager. I love helping and motivating people on their life journey. It’s something that I can honestly say makes me so happy and leaves me very fulfilled. And if there's one thing that I’ve struggled with all my life, it’s my body image. So why not combine the two? But before I get into that, here's a bit of background on my past struggles.

From obsessively dieting and hating the way I looked as a teenager to being overweight and super unhealthy to losing the weight and having an obsession with keeping it off to eating disorders and loathing my body, I’ve definitely been through a ton of struggles when it comes to body image. And it wasn't until early this year that I finally had my “aha” moment. 

I was looking through Instagram and stumbled upon this beautiful model. But she was different. She had hips and strong legs and is stunningly curvy. Basically, she looked like me. But unlike me, she was happy with her body and embraced it. I know, I know, cheesy story but it seriously hit me SO hard for some reason. I don't why, but seeing Iskra Lawrence love her body and be publicly unashamed of it was mind blowing. She even got a ton of hate but didn't care about it all. I wanted that. I wanted to be confident in my body and embrace it. 

After my Iskra epiphany, it finally sunk in that I could be who I am and be happy. If this amazingly curvy and gorgeous (inside and out) model could fully embrace her body in the public eye and challenge the norm, then so could I. I could love myself and stop worrying about the pressure from the world to look a specific way. 

From that moment I began working on switching my mindset when it comes to my body and especially eating and exercise. I no longer seek to punish my body because I want to change it. I’m working towards appreciating and taking care of my body and getting stronger to see what I’m capable of. 

I honestly can't describe to you how freeing and exciting that feels! To be able to embrace my body for what it is, a beautiful work in progress, and to finally have fun taking care of it, is so amazing! 

I no longer see my body as the enemy. I no longer restrict it or punish it for not fitting into an unachievable ideal. My body is not my enemy, it deserves love, to be properly nourished and taken care of. 

Which brings me to the transition. After that epiphany and also feeling lost about my blogs purpose for quite some time, I decided I needed to really re-evaluate what I wanted to do. I love fashion and personal style but it just wasn't fulfilling. I was yearning to do something that really helped and inspired my readers. And I decided that I really needed to start telling my story and helping people with something I struggled with in the past. 

Which is why I decided to transition my blog from fashion to fitness. I want to be able to help people not only reach their health and fitness the right way but to also avoid doing all of the wrong stuff that I did. I want to encourage them to embrace and love their bodies and have their “aha” moment too. 

I don't want women to struggle like I did and I’m super passionate about encouraging and helping them avoid all that crap and nonsense and really set goals that align with who they want to be, not who others or outside sources say they should be or look like. 

I’m so serious about this mission of mine that I’ve even started working towards getting my personal training certification. I seriously can't express how right this feels! And to be honest it’s terrifying! Starting over not only with, It’s Autumn, but my career is quite daunting. But I’m excited for this new chapter in my journey. And I hope you’ll not only stick around for the ride but also join me! There’s plenty of seats waiting for you.  

Here’s what you can expect on the blog going forward…

  • Fitness tips, ideas, and advice 
  • All kinds of workouts
  • Body positivity encouragement and advice
  • Personal stories and a whole lot of honesty
  • Healthy and yummy recipes 
  • Tons of NEW video content 
  • Workout and athleisure outfit inspiration 
  • A supportive fitness and wellness community 
  • Updates on my fitness and PT certification journey 
  • Any help you need when it comes to health and fitness  

Now, if all of that excites you, please take a minute to fill out my survey below. I REALLY want to get to know you better and figure out how I can personally and specifically help you on your journey. And if all of this doesn't excite you, take it anyway and let me know why. I want to serve you as best as possible. 

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I honestly can not wait to begin this new adventure with you all. I know there's some amazing things in store for us. 

- A