ATHLEISURE TWIST: Sleeveless Yellow Vest


If you're new or don't know by now, athleisure style is my go-to. It makes me feel the best and most comfortable. Plus, I get to wear leggings, ALL. THE. TIME.

Even if you don't workout every day, athleisure can still be a part of your style too. But if you have no idea what I'm talking about and athleisure seems like a foreign concept, it's basically combining gym wear and street wear with a few high fashion pieces/looks to create the ultimate comfort style.

It also helps me effortlessly incorporate my two favorite things: fashion and fitness.

I don't have to worry about changing into another outfit after the gym because I can quickly transform it into a nice street style look. And I don't have to worry about changing into gym clothes when I want to work out later in the day because I can just throw on my running shoes and go. It's so multifunctional it's crazy.  It's literal perfection for me. I don't have to sacrifice my style or my passion. It's my personal win-win. 

It's super simple with maximum comfortability. If that makes any sense. 

For this outfit, I basically just did some simple layering. My base is made up of workout clothes, (which I actually did work out in later that day), a white top and these cool new ripped knee leggings. I then added that touch of fashion with the gorgeous long sleeveless yellow vest. It adds a nice pop of color to a more monochrome look but still keeps it's casual street style. 

And folks, it's really that simple. For the most part, all you have to do is get a work out base then layer it with more fashionable pieces. Another way to make it more fashionable is to switch tennis shoes for flats or heels even. It's seriously that easy and even more comfortable and guaranteed to make that gym to street transition stylish and smooth. 

And because with the new phase of this little space, I'm gonna be sharing a lot more of these athleisure outfits that I love and telling you how you can pull off the look on your own. Because who doesn't want to wear comfy leggings and still look chic every day? I know I do.