9 Things to Remind Yourself When You Hate the Way You Look

We as women have all probably looked at the mirror and zeroed in on all our attention to that one part of our bodies that just makes us cringe. We can't even stand looking at it for too long. It's the part of ourselves that makes us feel self-conscious, unattractive and even ugly. For some reason, we feel like failures whenever we look in the mirror and see that part of us we wish were hidden. For me, it's always been my hips.

As soon as I turned 15 they just appeared up overnight and now I'm stuck with them forever. I always thought they were too chunky and wide. Yea. They'll come in handy when I have kids one day, but that's not really helping me squeeze into jeans.

Whenever I stared at myself in the mirror I would instantly feel so down about seeing those large hips. It would instantly change my mood and really contributed to my body image struggles. I hated them and did all I could to slim them own, but nope. They wouldn't budge which just added, even more, frustrations and self-hatred.

It wasn't until I saw other women that had my shape be unapologetic about their bodies, that something clicked. They owned it and seemed to actually be genuinely happy.  Now when I have off days, cue "My hips are wider than the ocean", "Ugh. That darn muffin top", "I just wanna wear black all day and hide", I try my hardest to combat that with self-affirmation and especially positive body love. It's tough ya'll.


"To stand in front of a mirror and talk to yourself like you love everything you see, when you know it's a lie, is hard. But it takes practice."


Just like with building muscles you have to constantly work them out, the same goes with a positive body image. You gotta wake up every morning, look your gorgeous self in the mirror and say loving, positive and true things. You'll not only actually start to believe what you say but you'll start living it. 

I just want you, if you're like millions of other women who struggle with poor body image or just have days you can't stand a certain part of you, to tell yourself these 9 things whenever you feel that way. Because we only have one body and we gotta love it and take care of it. And constantly bashing it or pointing out its faults, isn't doing us or our bodies any good. We begin to see it as the enemy instead of this beautiful part of us that deserves our loving attention and care.

So girl, if you're feeling down in the dumps or having an  "I feel fat" day, go straight to a mirror and remind yourself of these 9 things. I know I feel a lot better when I do. Shout them out and say it like you mean it, because beautiful girl, you truly deserve it! 

  1. We're all works in progress. No one is perfect. We're all evolving and changing as we live out our journeys. You're never gonna reach perfection so it's alright to have off days, "I feel fat" days or even doubt your beauty. The key is to not let those sour thoughts and feelings stick around. 
  2. It's not permanent. If you see something you don't like then you have all the power to change it if you want. 
  3. Everyone compares. There's always going to be someone better or more successful. Why waste time comparing yourself to others when you could be focused on yourself and your?
  4. Confidence is the best accessory you could have. Even if you're not feeling, fake it. Yea. Fake it. The more you convince yourself of something the more you begin to believe it. 
  5. Don't let your size or body type become and obsession. You've got better things to be concerned about! 
  6. Be kind to your body. Eat healthy, get active. Your body is like your car, you gotta fuel it up with the right oil, you have to take care of it and give it some TLC for it to keep working. And I'm sure you'd want it to last long. Sames goes for your body! 
  7. Don't let a number or shape define you. It's just a tool to get you to something. Not at all character defining
  8. Don't let other peoples opinion or reactions to your body deter your progression or happiness. Their reactions/feelings = Not your issue or your fault. You can't control the way they react to you. It's their problem, not yours. 
  9. Know that you're beautiful and you're certainly enough. You don't need to strive to be like or look like someone else. You are enough. Just be you! 

I challenge you to try this, THIS week. Today even. Life is too short to be a slave to your body image. Honestly, I'm done having my body decide if I can be happy today or even enjoy a slice of pizza with my family without feeling gultiy.  For lack of a better phrase, I ain't got time for that. And neither do you! 

- A