21-Day's to Push-up's Challenge

If you read Monday’s post then you know that one of my goals for this week and especially this month is to get stronger. We’re going into the last month of 2016, like WTH, but it’s happening.

And to end it off, I wanna end it strong. I know people always say that but this is a bit different. I want to end the year off physically AND mentally strong. I’ve progressed SO much this year with my body and mind so I just want to end this transformational year off stronger than I started it. And to ensure that, I want to challenge myself to get stronger, starting with one of my weaknesses. Push-ups. I’ve never been good at push-upsmainly due to my neglecting of my upper body.

I’m a lover of squats and lunges and anything to do with the lower body, so my upper body always gets left behind. But recently I’ve been giving it some TLC with intense upper body lifting and a TON of yoga which is amazing for building upper body strength. And to my surprise, because in all honesty, I’m always surprised when my body actually responds to my hard work, my arms started to show a bit of progress and I actually began to feel a lot stronger. 

To continue that and kick it up a notch, I’m challenging myself to conquer push-ups. I know some people despise them with a passion (me) but they’re seriously one of the few workouts that work your entire upper body. And I’ve always been horrible at them.

So for a last hurray to 2016, my goal is to do 21 push-ups in a row, with perfect (maybe) form. Even typing this I’m getting nervous. 21 is a lot, but I know my body can do amazing things when I give it an extra push and challenge it. 


And to make this challenge even more interesting, I’m challenging you too! Yep. You can join me in the #pushuppower challenge for the first 21 days of December. At the end of the challenge, if you can successfully do 10-21 push-ups and show me you can, you’ll be entered into a #pushuppower giveaway where I’ll be selecting someone to win a fun fitness bundle, just in time for Christmas! 

What's not to love about this challenge? We get stronger, push ourselves mentally and physically PLUS there’s a chance to win free goodies?! If you’re up for the challenge, all you have to do is:

  • Download the 21-day calendar. (And yep. I totally got the dates wrong, but it's still usable!) 
  • Tag me in at least one photo of you doing the challenge within the 21 days using the hashtag #pushuppower.  
  • Be following me on Instagram and Twitter.  

If you're feeling a bit insecure about your push-up form, no worries! I wrote you some helpful tips on how to properly do a push-up. AND,  I made a short little video for you to get a look at how to properly do a push-up. I put in a modified version as well for anyone who needs a beginner version or lower impact version. 

DO's & DON'Ts

DO: Get in plank position, making sure your butt is down and not sticking out.

DON'T: Let your legs sag. 

DO: Keep your elbows close to your body. 

DON'T: Forget the BREATHE. 

DO: Strive for quality over quantity. It's better to do 5 goos ones in proper form than 10 bad ones.

DON'T: Go all the way to the ground. Stop at 1-2 inches above the ground before pushing up.

DO: Have your arms under your shoulders. 

DO: Engage your core, legs, and glutes. 

I hope you all will join me in pushing our way into 2017 one push-up at a time. It's gonna be great to challenge my body and prep for all the awesome things next year has in store.

Not only is it gonna be a physical challenge but it'll definitely be a mental one too. I'm not a lover of push-ups, so getting past that mental hurdle is gonna be interesting. But I'm here for it, and I hope you are too.  

Leave me a comment telling me if you're gonna join in and ONE of your 2017 fitness goals! 


Talk to ya next week!