3 Things to FOCUS on When You've Hit A Workout Plateau

For those days or weeks that I'm feeling like doing anything else BUT workout, there are 3 things I always have to remind myself. 

1. Focus on being disciplined instead of motivated. Weird right? But think about it, motivation, just like happiness, is a fleeting emotion. It doesn't last. We're always on the hunt for something to motivate us to get motivated. But what if we were disciplined instead?

We wouldn't need to find the motivation because we would automatically know that something had to be done, no excuses. So stop trying to find the motivation to workout and start training yourself to be disciplined about it. 

2. Ignore your temporary feelings. Personally, when I'm being stubborn about getting a workout in, I have to just ignore my feelings about it and FOCUS on just doing it.

When I start to let feelings take over my thoughts, then I just end up in a tug-of-war with myself. Push your feelings to the side for a bit and just start. The hardest part is getting up and out the door. The rest will follow. 

3. Focus on the after, not the during. Whenever I'm feeling that burn and tempted to stop or give up, the ONLY thing that gets me through is imagining how I'll feel after or a few weeks later when the hard work pays off. Sometimes we can get so caught up with the process that we forget to remember what we're actually doing it for. Keep a good balance between focusing on the process and your goals. 

These 3 things are what gets me through those rough patches in my fitness routine. And we all have them so don't be discouraged if you're not feeling a workout. Remember to find that balance with listening to your body but also pushing yourself towards your goals. You got this! 

Autumn DickensComment