Why 6-Packs Are Overrated + 3 Myths About Your Abs

Today's topic is all about your CORE. You have three major parts of your core. Your Transverse and Rectus Abdominis and your Internal and External Abdominal Obliques

The more popular of them being your Rectus Abdominis where the coveted 6 pack is formed.

Before I get to debunking 3 myths about your core you probably didn't know. First...

I'm gonna give you 3 of my favorite core exercises that focus on giving you a stronger core. Then after, if you wanna know about the 3 myths and why you've been thinking about your core all wrong then stay tuned to find out. Let's get into these moves

The Myths:

 1.You need to do core exercises every day in order to get a 6 pack.

False: Just like every other part of your body your core needs rest too. Doing core workouts 2-3 times a week is great!  

2. Doing 1,000 crunches is the only way to flat tummy or 6 pack. 

False: Actually doing more versatile full body exercises are more beneficial for your core. Especially weighted exercises that really get your core engaged. 

3. Having 4,6 or 8 pack abs of steel is everything. 

False: I know it's everywhere and I know that a lot of fitness experts and personal trainers have them and they look amazing with them BUT they aren't everything. And they're achieved in many different ways: 

  1. Having a low percentage of body fat. You don't have visible abs because there's a layer of fat covering the muscle underneath. To get rid of it you'd have to go on a serious fat burning diet, like counting your macros and do more fat burning workouts like high-intensity exercises. 
  2. One Word...Genetics. I know. It sucks. But our genetics have a lot to do with how and where we carry fat. For women, we're more prone to carrying weight around our midsection, so that also makes it a bit more difficult to lose fat. 
  3. You lose fat in the order you gained it. And because women gain fat in their midsections, this is often the first place fat will go so that means it would be the last place it'll be lost. 

BUT, don't get discouraged! 

Which brings me to my next point...

The Takeaway:

Try changing your mindset from wanting flat abs or a 6 pack to having a strong core instead. Having a strong core is so much better than having a 6 pack! 

  • Having a strong core will help stabilize your torso and give you good posture. 
  • It'll help prevent lower back pain by helping to keep your body in alignment.
  • Having a strong core will help enhance your everyday functions like walking, bending, lifting.

So yes. A 6-pack would be great. But don't get obsessed with it or frustrated because those crunches you've been doing every day haven't been working. It's okay. You don't need a 6-pack. Having a 6-pack may be aesthetically pleasing but having a stronger core is so way more beneficial to your health and everyday living. So focus on getting a strong core! Not so much on the aesthetics of it all. 

Change your thinking! Start thinking about what your body can do and how you feel instead of putting so much pressure on yourself to look a certain way. I encourage you to stop chasing after looking like someone else's body. Create your own rules, your own ideals, and your own look! You're worth it. 

I hope you enjoyed today's talk. If you did, leave me a comment and let me know what if you liked learning about your core. Have you been working hard for a toned tummy or 6-pack? I'd love to know!