Weekly Workouts | Two

Happy Monday beauties! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed your time with loved ones and delicious food. I know I certainly did, probably a bit too much. Well, first, I was battling a cold all last week and I'm still trying to get over it. And when I'm sick my body acts like a toddler.

All it wants is what it wants and won't stop bothering me until it gets it. From Monday, it must have known that it was Thanksgiving week because all I wanted to eat was carbs and sweets. Which is also what I go-to when I'm sick because, in all honesty, it's comforting. Which definitely isn't a great habit to get into but when you're sick, you'll do anything to feel a bit better.

My body also wasn't really feeling last week's workouts. By Wednesday I just wasn't feeling my workout plan and on Friday I ditched it. Yep. I didn't even look at it. I just went to the gym and did what my body wanted to do. I just stood there and was like, " Okay body, what do you want. I'll let you have your way today." My body wanted to do 50 mins of LISS and a bit of core, so that's what I did. And I didn't freak out about it.

The old me would've done two things, pushed my body and probably would've regretted it and gotten even sicker. Or taken a day off and would've felt like a total let down and failure for being too weak to workout. Either way, the old me would've lost. There's no winning when you don't have a proper relationship with your body in relation to exercise and food.

It'll always be a battle and tug-o-war that you'll rarely win. So short story, last week I fell way off track. I didn't even properly hydrate myself. Ugh. But, that's okay. It's fine to have off days or weeks, what counts is that we don't stay there and make it a habit.

So this week, I'm getting back on track. I ate a ton of carbs, delicious ones btw, and very little veggies. So this week I really want to focus on eating more veg and proteins. Also, one of my goals for December (you can see the rest below) is to start leaning out. Which means that I need to burn fat. So I'll be incorporating more high-intensity workouts in my routine. I'm still on the fence about what to do with my eating, though.

Normally to lean out people tend to start counting their macros, if you don't know what that is, here is a great video, from one of my favorite fitties, about it. The only thing with macros is that I'd have to weigh and keep track of my food. Which is a pain for me because I just can't be bothered sometimes. But I know the results would be amazing. I don't know if I wanna make that sacrifice yet. But we'll see. I really want to start experimenting with different healthy eating lifestyles to see what works best for me, so macros might be a great one to start with.

So here are this weeks workout AND I think I'll be sharing my weekly or monthly fitness and health goals with you in these post, or I just might make it its own post, IDK. We'll see how this goes. But they're there for you to see, and let me know what your's are. I really want to be there to cheer you on or help you with them, in any way I can.

Here's how I'm sweating this week...

Monday: Yoga (Choose a class you enjoy)

Tuesday: Full Body HIIT + Glutes

  • dumbells squat to press 20 sec 
  • rest 10 sec 
  • press ups 20 sec 
  • rest 10 sec 
  • lunge jumps 20 sec 
  • rest 10 sec 
  • walkouts 20 sec
  • rest 10 sec
  • straight leg bicycles 20 sec 
  • rest 10 sec
  • plank alternating leg lifts 20 sec 
  • 10 sec rest 
  • bridges 20 sec 
  • 10 sec rest 
  • kick backs 20 sec
  • 10 sec rest 
  • repeat 3 times


  • kickbacks 12 x 3
  • fire hydrants with weights 12 x 3 
  • sumo squat leg lifts 12 x 3 
  • bridges with resistance band 12 x3 

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: Yoga (Choose a class you enjoy)

Friday: Triceps, Biceps, Chest + HIIT


  • jump squats 30 sec
  • 10 sec rest 
  • modified burpees 30 sec
  • 10 sec rest 
  • angled push-ups 30 secs 
  • 10 sec rest
  • lateral leg lifts 30 sec each leg
  • 10 sec rest

Triceps, Biceps + Chest

  • triceps dips 15 x3
  • bicep curl push out 15 x 3
  • walkouts 12 x3 
  • press ups 15 x 3
  • triceps extension push down 15 x3
  • Bosu ball push-ups 12 x 3

Saturday: 45 min LISS (low intensity steady state) + core

  • toe touches 20 
  • mountain climbers 20 
  • tilting plank 20 
  • twisting plank 20 
  • dead bug 20 
  • bicycles with pulses 20

Sunday: REST 


The Goals: 

  1. Eat more veggies. This is my NUMBER ONE struggle. I love veggies, I just find reaching for cinnamon sugar pita chips or some strawberries so much easier. I'm thinking about getting a super greens powder that I can just throw in my smoothies to make it easier to get in those veggies. 
  2. Drink 2 liters of water every day. This is probably my number two struggle. Hehe. Folks lets not sugar coat it, water gets boring. I just find myself getting so bored with drinking it because it's just bland. Yes.It's the cure for just about everything, but it's bland. I've tried infusing it with fruits and such but it just hasn't stuck with me. I might try the flavored water packets to see how I like them. But in the meantime I still need to stay hydrated, so this week it's all about getting in at least 2 liters. 
  3. Up the intensity. Last week, I was lazy. I didn't push myself in the gym and just wasn't feeling exercise. To me, that means that I really need to start switching things up. I think my body is getting complacent and needs a jolt of something new. So I'm gonna be doing a lot more HIIT workouts and intervals. Which is great because they're known for burning fat and increasing your endurance, not to mention that it revs up your metabolism. AND, yes it gets better, HIIT can be done effectively in only 10 mins. So it's definitely a great addition to any fitness routine. 

I need your help guys, one of the best things you can do when starting your fitness and health journey is to find people to keep you accountable. Which is why I'm starting to post my goals and workouts. It keeps me accountable knowing that you all know what I'm suppose to be doing. I don't want to write one thing and then not do it.

I'd be lying and it wouldn't be staying true to myself or honest with you all. And that's been one of my goals with this new phase. I wanna be more transparent and open with this little community. We're here to support and encourage each other but also call each other out when we've been shortchanging ourselves.

Let me know in the comments your goals for this week or month so we can keep each other accountable on this journey. Also, be sure to subscribe to the Well + Fit newsletter, there's some great stuff coming next week (hint: super helpful freebies) that you don't wanna miss!